Tax Services

As a business owner, it is easy to feel out of your depth with legislation, taxation and reporting requirements.

Our team of Tax Advisors have a wealth of knowledge in providing specialist tax advice to SMEs and individuals.

We can assist you with minimising your tax liabilities, whilst helping you to maximise your profit, as well as ease the burden of tax compliance.

Tax Returns

At Huddart we can complete your Tax Return and submit to HMRC on your behalf. In addition, we can analyse your self-assessment Tax Return to identify any savings to be made.

Under Corporation Tax Self Assessment (CTSA), the legal responsibility for correctly calculating the corporation tax falls on business owners. We understand the issues facing owner-managed businesses and can prepare Tax Returns on your behalf.

We can help to minimise corporate tax exposure and relieve the administrative burden of compliance. Managing risk in this area of your business is crucial.

Effective corporation tax planning can result in significant improvements to your bottom line.

Tax Investigations

Knowing that you are facing a Tax Investigation through HMRC can be a frightening process.

This is why it is vital that you keep your books up to date regularly so that you know where you stand with your finances. This enables you to easily respond to any HMRC enquiries.

If you are facing a HMRC Tax Investigation, our team of Tax Investigation Specialists will liaise with HMRC on your behalf and guide you through the process. We will endeavour to obtain the best outcome for you.

To protect yourself from a HMRC Tax Investigation, it may be worth taking out an annual insurance policy. At Huddart we provide a Tax Fee Protection Service – should you wish to know more, please contact us for further information.

Profit Extraction

If you are looking to extract profit from your business, it’s important to get the right tax advice.

When you operate as a limited company it gives you the flexibility of how and when you extract profit. The main options include dividend payments, salary and bonuses and pension contributions.

At Huddart our Tax Advisors have a wealth of experience in advising limited companies on how to extract profit in the most tax efficient way possible so that you minimise your tax liability.

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Landlord Tax Planning

When you buy a property that isn’t your primary residence and you let it out, you are liable to pay tax on buy to let income and any increase in value over time that you own the property.

Whether you have a simple rental business or a property investment company, there are a range of tax issues and specific tax planning opportunities that need to be considered.

Our Landlord and Tax Accountants can help you structure and manage your property business to make sure your portfolio is profitable, tax efficient and in good shape for the future.

Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is a tax charge on the profit when you sell or dispose of an asset that has increased in value such as a second property, an inherited property, the sale of a business, investment fund, shares, valuables including art, jewellery and antiques.

The calculation of a gain isn’t a simple process. Our team of Tax Advisors can help you understand the rules and can advise you on whether you are liable for CGT.

Our Capital Gains Tax Advisors will ensure you are claiming the maximum relief while paying as little as possible.

Research & Development (R&D Tax Relief)

R&D tax relief came into force in 2000 as an incentive to encourage businesses who are involved with innovation and technological advances to claim tax relief on qualifying costs. However, according to research by HMRC, businesses often overlook this important R&D tax relief.

If your business is involved in Research and Development projects, you may be able to claim R&D tax credits.

As R&D experts, we will work with you to gather all the relevant information. We will review your claim, carry out due diligence and eligibility.

As part of our Research and Developments Services, we will ensure your claim is fully compliant, finalise it and submit to HMRC on your behalf.